... is still sometimes heard on the radio even today, and there is some truth in it. Nowadays a musician who cannot provide a video doesn’t really exist. That was our motive to cover all audio visual aspects of music, if possible

If a band, a solo artist, or generally a music project needs promoting, an excellent sound recording, massive live presence and, best case, an excellent video is needed.


This is the reason why SOUNDDESIGN has these three divisions:

Recording Studio - Event Technology - Video Studio


We take care of our artists not only in the recording studio, but also during their live events and promotional tours on the stage and, if in any way possible, put together a video.
Seeing as there is no programme for video productions on national television, producing a video is naturally always a touchy point.


25 years of studio experience and 35 years experience of live happenings have helped us develop into specialists. Our list of references proves beyond a doubt our capabilities.