Austrian Airlines

AUSTRIAN AIRLINES - "Österreichisches Johann Strauß Ensemble"
When Austrian Airlines began to expand their Japan destinations they wanted a typically Austrian "give away" for their GRAND-CLASS customers, which they could also sell in their catalogue. At this time SOUNDDESIGN had just completed a recording with "Österreichisches Johann Strauß Ensemble" which seemed ideal for this purpose. In this way over ten thousand Austrian Airline customers could enjoy this music.

  Marcelli CAFE BAR MARCELLI - "Compilation vol. 1"
Two evening bars were incorporated in the plans for the new Passage City Center in Linz. One of these was the Marcelli with Italian flair. The manager wanted a CD with a choice of titles suitable for the bar- hits from the 70s and 80s, which were produced in the SOUNDDESIGN recording studios.

CASINO Linz - "Die schönsten Advent- und Weihnachtslieder"
After having produced a sampler for CASINO Linz with the great American crooners such as Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, etc they wanted something typically Austrian for their customers at Christmas the following year. We therefore produced about 40 typically Austrian Christmas and Advent songs.
The idea behind it all was only to use acoustic and no artificial instruments therefore acoustic guitars, recorders, flutes, violins, trumpets, flugelhorns, harps, dulcimers etc.
SOUNDDESIGN AUSTRIA produced "The most beautiful Advent and Christmas Songs" and is able to offer our customers this exclusive compilation.


DONAULAND - "Ty Tender - Remember"
A "Special Club – Edition for Donauland" with a choice of songs from Ty Tender CDs- "the voice", Austria’s advertisement in things nostalgic from the 50s and early 60s.



Sounddesign EDER WERBEMATTEN - "chill out for you - chill the base - groovehouse"
Gerhard Eder, a young, urban and innovated mercantilist, was looking for a product of music, which is been suitable as well as his company and himself.
The music on these CDs was composed especially for EDER WERBEMATTEN and recorded at SOUNDDESIGN Recording Studio.

EDER WERBEMATTEN - "Matman's Best Vol.1"
Our first production with Gerhard "Matman" Eder included thirteen selected cover songs with the group "JA' SOUL".

  Elin ELIN EBG - "Energy That Works - interactive"
This multi media-CD (to be played on the computer) offers an interactive way to become acquainted with the firm ELIN EBG.

EVG - "Music For A Better Feeling"
Oldie-Compilation including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Glenn Miller, Astrud Gilberto, Count Basie, Sidney Bechet, Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday, ...


GENERALI Versicherung - "Eurosound Orchestra"
The Generalie Versicherung ( an insurance company) completely renovated their headquarters in Linz . The EUROSOUND ORCHESTRA gave a concert at the re- opening and the CD was given to all the invited guests.
This CD including well known songs and melodies recorded by EUROSOUND ORCHESTRA was packed in a very special cardboard cover specially for the GENERALI Versicherung.


Konditorei KASTNER - "The most beautiful Advent and Christmas Songs"
The confectioners Kastner in Bad Leonfelden have purchased the CD "The most beautiful Advent and Christmas Songs" more than once for their customers with a cover specially designed by us.

  Ty Tender

KRONE HIT RADIO - "American Christmas Songs"
A compilation from our wide choice of international Christmas songs, produced by us. Krone Hit Radio decided to choose Christmas songs in English.

  Linz AG LAVU Oberösterreich - "The Recyclers - Get Back"
The band "The Recyclers" recorded this CD with Cover versions of great Beatles-Songs orderd by the recycling company LAVU from Upper Austria.
  Linz AG

LINZ AG - "The most beautiful Advent and Christmas Songs"
An exclusively instrumental CD with a compilation from our rich treasury of Advent and Christmas songs. The Linz AG worked out an absolutely wonderful piece of art work (booklet, inlay card, label sticker).


MAGNA Konzern - "4 x 4"
The MAGNA Konzern presented a new set of gearboxes at an international car fair with the idea of using a promotion CD with 4 classical-, 4 jazz-, 4 rock-, and 4 soul pop- titles (= 4 x 4).

  Powerhorse MIDEM Cannes 1994 - "Sounddesign Midem Sampler 1994"
Pop-, rock- and jazz songs from Austria according to the motto "music from the heart of Europe" as a "give away" for the MIDEM in Cannes, the greatest music fair worldwide.
  Powerhorse MIDEM Cannes 2001 - "jazz & art(related)"
A representative selection of sophisticated Austrian jazz (related) music produced by SOUNDDESIGN AUSTRIA for the MIDEM in Cannes, 2001..
  Powerhorse OÖ. RUNDSCHAU - "Pop/Rock aus Oberösterreich"
The idea behind this compilation is, to present pop and rock songs of musicians from Upper Austria by a newspaper (OÖ. Rundschau) from Upper Austria.

POWERHORSE - "Ja' Soul - 14 energizing tracks"
This chill- out-compilation was ordered by the energy drink company POWERHORSE as a "give away" for their branch in New York.

  Rosenbauer ROSENBAUER - "Österreichisches Johann Strauß Ensemble"
Remarkable waltzes and polkas from Johann Strauß (son), Fritz Kreisler, Josef Strauß, Josef Lanner, Hanns Schrammel and Johann Strauß (father), performed by the "Österreichisches Johann Strauß Ensemble".
  Schrangl & Partner SCHRANGL & PARTNER - "interaktiv"
This multi media–CD (to be played on the computer) offers an interactive way to become acquainted with the advertising and marketing firm SCHRANGL & PARTNER.
  Schrangl & Partner

SCHRANGL & PARTNER - "The Greatest Hits"
A compilation of hits from Ben E. King, Drifters, Temptations, Little Richard, Charly Rich, Al Martino, Birds, The Box Tops, Sam The Sham”, Al Jarreau, Glenn Miller and Ty Tender.

  Wassermusik Wassermusik THERME GEINBERG - "Wassermusik. Ganz für mich."
Water is life. A cycle. – Under this motto the two musicians from Linz, Rainer Falk and Peter Guschelbauer produced "Wassermusik. Ganz für mich." (Water music. Just for me.), a specifically ordered symphonic composition for the Therme Geinberg (thermal baths).

VOEST Alpine MCE - "Hans Pecho und die Movidas - Winter Wonderland"

  WKO Kfz-Betriebe

WKO / motor vehicle garages - "keep in motion"
The WKO/motor vehicle garages and Life Radio present a hit–compilation with Louis Armstrong, Al Jarreau, Glen Miller, Fats Domino, The Platters, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Herman’s Hermits, Ben E. King, the Drifters and The Troggs.