It was very clear, after the first recordings in our own studio, that the naturally publication of initially regional music was not so easy. The music industry showed virtually no interest, and we had absolutely no interest in sitting around in their waiting rooms:
Our first own label PG Records was founded.


(We will gradually include all productions from PG Records with covers, list of titles, musicians, etc. as ground documentation on the Internet, but as it covers about 300 productions, it will take time...)


For three years, Roland Schober from the ECHO in Graz, was our sales partner, until our own marketing firm SOUNDDESIGN was established. Up to this day we are extremely grateful to him, for setting up and taking the first structural steps.


The further development was definitely in the direction of jazz and so in the 90s we took part in a rather small, non- material contribution to the Vienna label JIVE Music, whose splendid production initially opened up the Vienna jazz scene.


In 2004 the ground work had been completed for the birth of an international jazz label - ALESSA Records.