At the age of six Peter Guschelbauer began to play the recorder followed by piano lessons at the age of eight. The typical Austrian training: classical – folklorist (a bit of waltz, a couple of sonatinen, preliminary stage, etc. etc...)
In 1967, on the journey home from an Italian holiday with his parents, they stopped for a break in the South Tyrol city of Bozen. There, standing in front of a shop window he managed to persuade his parents that from henceforth the musical revolution just had to be holding a guitar. The first E-guitar, half acoustic, meant reality and the Beatles could calmly produce their “White Album” and Jimi Hendrix his “Purple Haze” because sufficient provision for the 6- stringed multiplication of this music had been made.


After buying his first guitar and following the purchase of a small amplifier he began to tackle the problem of event technology.

In all pop, rock, jazz-ensembles and projects up to big band and the digital philharmonical “Blue Chip Orchestra” from Hubert Bognermayr, Peter Guschelbauer was somehow always responsible for the technical side.
That is why even today it is natural that this area belongs to the central points of SOUNDDESIGN AUSTRIA.